A Selfish Empress?

When China came into war with France and Japan in the end of the nineteenth century, the country slowly started to corrupt. She opposed foreign influence and kept to the traditional Chinese technology, culture, lifestyle, clothes and more.

The Boxer Rebellion was started in Shandong, 1898 out of those who were trained in martial arts. They believed themselves as invincible forces attempting to wipe out Christians and foreigners in China. At first, due to Cixi’s belief in Buddhism, she encouraged the movement and even declaring war on the foreign powers in 1900. This led to an extremely harsh competition of China which, under her politics, the Qing Dynasty became more corrupt and weak. It took only three years from her death for the Qing Dynasty to fall.

At the end of her life, her jewellery vault contained three thousand jewellery boxes of her everyday jewels. Due to her selfishness and living her life in luxury, there were not enough funds for the military. This resulted in the defeat of the war against Japan. She was such a selfish woman that not many mourn her death, she was also much hated and many people wanted to seek revenge for the corruption she made to China.