Bhutto’s Legacy
Benazir Bhutto is notably one of the greatest female figures of the political world. Often known as the Daughter of destiny or Daughter of the East, Bhutto defined Pakistani politics and radically changed the role of women in modern politics by becoming the first female to lead an Islamic state.
Benazir Bhutto excelled at asserting her right to rule. In a male-dominated, Islamic society, sh
Benazir Bhutto: An inspiration to many
e rose to become her slain father's political successor, twice being elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

During her time in office, Bhutto focused on social issues, health and sex discrimination, and initiated projects to set up women’s police stations, courts and development banks. Her government gave a high priority to social sectors like health, education, clean drinking water, sanitation and energy.
As Prime Minister Bhutto has faced enormous challenges in governing a poor, politically fractious, and ethnically diverse nation. Relations with Pakistan's longtime enemy India showed early signs of improving when Bhutto met with former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, but Muslim unrest in the disputed territory of Kashmir threatened to renew tensions in early 1990. Despite these problems, political observers credited Bhutto with keeping the country's chronic ethnic and regionalist tensions in check and developing a working relationship with the coup-prone military during her first year in office.
As a Muslim woman leader, Bhutto was almost an iconic figure in the West. But many critics have labeled her actual career in office as one of great spectacles and little governmental achievement. However her monumental achievement of becoming the first woman to lead a Muslim country in modern times should not be overlooked. Through her life, she shed light on the rights of women and the underprivileged in Pakistan and served as an inspiration to millions of young girs and women around the world. Bhutto once said; ‘when I was growing up I thought a woman could have it all and now I find that, yes, a woman can have it all – but she has to be prepared to pay the price' And her word stands true till this day.