Historical Heroines and Villainesses

Wikipage of 10HIZ (Ms. Ellam's Empire!)

This wikispace belongs to 10 History Z of Cheltenham Girls High School 2011. It will reflect the cooperative research completed by the class as a part of their class project on the topic of 'Historical Heroines and Villainesses', that is, famous and infamous women from ancient to modern times. Our class will study three women as a class, and students will work in pairs to create their own wikipage on a woman of their choice. Their page will include historical information about their background, career, legacy, fun facts, trivia and activities.
Pharaoh Hatshepsut, a female King


Jeanne D'Arc, aka, Joan of Arc, Warrior, Messenger of God or Witch?
Mata Hari: The exotic dancer who was a spy...
Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen

If you would like to have links on your wikipage to branch out to other separate pages (eg a page for bio, a page for achievements, a page as a photo gallery etc) this is how you do it... cue music:
1. Type your list of contents on your main page that has been created for you.
2. highlight the first link and click the LINK button in the tool bar
3. A box will appear - delete the text in the PAGE NAME box and write a brief descriptor. eg 'bio', 'achiev', 'photo' etc
4. Click Add Link.
5. Repeat for all 'pages' you wish to create.
6. click SAVE on your main page.
7. click on each link in turn and select 'EDIT' to start that page up.
8. Once you have for example, the BIO page up, create a heading and click SAVE - otherwise it wont create a page.
9. Voila. Pages within pages (even within pages!), to better organise and present your wiki. :-)
If you learn any other tricks, please do share in the DISCUSSION tab on this main wikispace page. -Ms. E.